dijous, 23 de febrer de 2012

BLACKPOOL 1, HAMMERS 4 ... i ara el partit de germanor amb el Palace

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Anem molt forts (massa forts).

Carta de The Big Sam,
entrenador Hammer,
al secretari de la Penya Bogarde, Enric:

Dear Enric,

I can't imagine how the lads feel as they're so excited about the result and what they've achieved. The thousands of West Ham fans who were at the game must have seen one of the finest West Ham performances they've ever seen in the entire time they've been watching the club.

To win as we did and the way we played against all the odds was magnificent. To score even more goals when we went down to ten men, to go from 2-1 to 4-1 was amazing. Nicky Maynard might have made it even more so. We didn't just defend correctly with ten men - we just took them apart when we had the opportunity with some fantastic finishing.

Henri Lansbury is an outfield player who had a very accomplished game in goal. There weren't many good chances created by Blackpool because of the quality of our defending but he did the basics brilliantly - the kicking and the handling - and he got a great reception from the fans. We'd been threatening to do this for a long time when we had ten against 11. It really is a fantastic result. We got three points when we were fighting against the elements from having Robert sent off.

We're doing it the hard way. Every player is doing his bit when we get something that is going against us and we seem to find the resilience and the ability and skill to overcome it. In my time I've never seen anything like it.

We've picked up three results - two wins and a draw - after going down to ten men. Once after eight minutes, once after 20 minutes and against Blackpool after 54 minutes. It's great credit to the lads and their ability and the desire that they wanted to achieve promotion automatically if we can.

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Nat Peters ha dit...

So far, so young!

HENRY TO SEA ha dit...

Congratulations Mr.Big Sam you have all the numbers being for the replacement of Mr.Pep ...